Ladies Class

Are you a woman looking for further edification in your spiritual life but feel more comfortable expressing your comments and concerns amongst other women? Are you looking for emotional and spiritual support from other ladies who are on their life journey with God? The Ladies' Class at Castlemilk might be the place for you.


The ladies' class exists to provide a formal time where we come together as women to support, encourage and enhance our relationships with God as well as one another. In order to keep this central ethos the class is perpetuated by the needs and requests of the group. To this end the class is currently studying a series of lessons on improving our spiritual relationship with God.


A typical class involves refreshments; an informal, led discussion backed up by evidence from the Bible; question time then prayer. There is an informal, voluntary expectation on the ladies to prepare for the discussion by doing some Bible reading for themselves as well as volunteering thoughts and opinions throughout the class. However neither is required for attendance and we would be delighted to have you visit - even if it's only to observe.


The ladies' class meets once a month at varied times and venues. Recently we have been meeting on a Sunday in the church building. It is open to all adult women of the congregation, friends and visitors. If you would like to come along to one of our meetings please click on the 'contact us' link. We would love to see you.


by Brooke Carter