Jim McGuiggan

The Dragon Slayer
Jim McGuiggan is renowned throughout the Kingdom as a speaker, teacher and author.


Jim has kindly given us permission to upload a series of lessons that he taught at the Castlemilk Church building in 2003, under the title “The Dragon Slayer”. In order to listen, simply click the links at the bottom of the page. The audio player will load in a mini-window. If you have pop-ups blocked, you may have to unblock them. When the player opens, the audio feed will start to stream immediately and will play automatically. Please allow a few seconds for the player to start.


For the moment at least, these talks are unlikely to suit dial-up users, as the file sizes are too large and play faster than they stream. However, we are currently working on providing Real Audio versions of the lessons that will allows dial up users to listen also. This will hopefully be available in the near future. While being able to listen online is a tremendous asset, there are drawbacks. You can’t take the Internet with you on the bus, train, while walking the dog or working around the house etc (Well actually you can, but you need cool stuff that costs a fortune!).


Purchase on CD
In order to allow you to listen at anytime, these lessons will be available for purchase on CD. Contact: for details of cost and delivery. We are also hoping to make these pieces available for download in MP3 format so that you burn them onto CD, or load them onto your MP3 players. Check back later for more information.


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Visit Jim's Site
Jim has his very own Web Site with many other resources. There is information about his books and other items that are available for sale and use at: